Church of Grannies

Beloved UU Pete Seeger passed away and this event looks different to people across the generations in the Unitarian Universalist world.

It touched upon that the inertia that exists in most established institutions which is to be focused on those who have power. For a lot of people and churches, it’s the “boomer” generation. I am not so interested in that discussion, and entreat you to constructively deal with whatever is irking you about your church or denomination. 

I just want to share one thing: boomers are not my parents. They are my grandparents. My parents are Gen X’rs. I’m a millennial. And my kids have yet to be defined. To boomers, my kids are not their grandkids, but their great-grandchildren. When I go to a church focused on boomers, I am not going to a church that is focused on my parent’s mindset that I’m fit to rebel against in a family systems sort of way.

No, when I go to a church that is focused on boomers, I am going to hang out with my grandparents. Who are cool old people that I have a lot to learn from. I want my kids to have a village of elders to respect and interact with. And I like that. My grandparents are radical. (sure, there are plenty of squares, but I don’t hang out with old people who are racist and hate gay folks. I don’t hang out with those people at any age!) They were shaking up the world when people were setting stuff on fire. I mean we have Occupy, that is a far, far, far cry from the race riots(massacres), watergate, US government assassinations of political leaders, Wayne State, and burning draft cards. And Pete Seeger is their radical dad.

In their old age, they’re getting more ballsy. I’ll never forget when I joined the military, my atheist grandma sent me a clipping of dead soldiers lying in the streets of Iraq, reminding me that joining the military wasn’t something I could do on a lark to pay for college. (My drill sergeant started confiscating my mail after that). 

I share this because I think it surprises people to learn that they could be (and some are) great-grandparents, tearing up over Seeger and wondering what the kids running around now really know what it means to be Waist Deep in the Big Muddy. I didn’t - until I spent some time with my rad, rad, rad, grandparents.  People are living longer, and I think my generation should - and is - taking advantage of it.